Friday, December 20, 2013

both boys love Grant's new sled (and I like not having to carry him around outside, since he can't walk well all bundled up!).  we have a tiny "hill" from our street into our yard, and they love that.  Grant asks for "mo" (more) when we do it. 

Christmas program

 Sierra and her teacher, Mrs. Bauer.  We love her!  She's been challenging Sierra in good ways!  She's been teaching kindergarten here for 35 years!!

 these days the couch cushions in the basement are a constant source of fun for all three kids.  They love to pile them, jump in them, crawl under them.  Grant too! 
 aren't boxes wonderful things?

 a Saturday in our house...the place turned into a boat or train, with all of the beach towels and kids' blankets spread out.  and then Sierra and Ethan each took a backpack of "activities" (one had markers and a notebook, the other kid had trucks :) ) and went to separate corners of the boat while they sailed.  and then it was silent. ;)
 watching for the bus to come!
 he LOVES helping me bake these days
 Andre's parents and sister made a last minute trip up for a half a weekend a few weeks ago. 
 Sierra has started to read!!

 and we have a walker! and he is quite delighted with this new accomplishment!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That

 Andre shot a deer this month and saved the heart for the kids.  Biology lesson right there in the dining room!
 Our little man is on the go!  Not walking yet, but pushing everything he can and starting to cruise along furniture. We're predicting by Thanksgiving he'll be walking.  He starts his day early at 5:30/6am and keeps me running until naps/bedtime.

 Andre and Ethan have been working in the garden lots...and except for a few brussel sprouts the whole thing in torn out and the first tilling done. 
 Family trip to Como Zoo a few weeks ago.

What we're up to...

ANDRE: garden and yard work.  He's done amazing amounts out there without my help this season.  Ethan is his little buddy out there.  He's also been out bow hunting on some public land close to our house a few evenings a week and often parts of Saturdays.  Only one deer so far.  He'll assemble the hockey rink before the ground freezes.  School resumes in January for him.

ME:  Kids, house work, meal prep/planning, cooking pounds of apples (thank you Pam :) ) and pumpkins, and then doing it all over again.  Very ordinary days, for which I'm thankful.  Grant is busy, Ethan is very content to hang out with me and do Legos and playdough for hours. 

SIERRA:  is completely happy riding the bus and LOVES school.  She is learning to read, and spends her time at home writing us notes on scraps of paper that we try to decipher. 

BOYS: at home. playing. laughing.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan!

 Bulldozer birthday cake!  Thanks Andre!
 A "new to him" soccer goal he got for his birthday!  The boy LOVES soccer.

 Mickey Mouse cupcakes for his birthday breakfast. 

 Playing with his new Legos after the birthday dinner and cake. 

"When I grow up I want to be an engineer!"

Thursday, September 12, 2013

 Family photo from our August cabin trip. 
 This little guy is now 8 months old, has his first tooth, and is on the verge of crawling! (He pulls himself around on his tummy using his arms and toes at the moment).  And would rather be exploring than cuddling with mom now. :(
 Split Rock Lighthouse. We took a day trip there this August from the cabin, and the kids LOVED it.  Lighthouses are their new favorite! :)  Ethan especially.  We took a tour inside and everything.
My canning genius.  He has put so much time and effort into preserving our garden bounty and I am thankful for it!  Our freezer is full, and so we've had to start canning as much as possible for the sake of space. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

First day of Kindergarten!

Sierra started kindergarten this morning...and she was excited!  Had her backpack ready, clothes out, and lunch packed the night before! She didn't want us to walk in with her, she wanted to be dropped off at the doors and go herself--ever our independent girl!  And now she wants to ride the bus (feels a little too soon for this young momma! :) ).  The first thing she said when she got in the van this afternoon was "I had a GREAT day!".  We are so thankful for that, and that she has kids in her class she already knows, and a seasoned teacher.  Ethan and I will take a few days to adjust to not having her around all day.  She is his best friend, so he's a bit lost without her.  But Ethan loves to entertain Grant!